Note: The development of TapiRex has ended.
There will be no future updates or new features. Your currently installed TapiRex will continue working.
We recommend to switch over to the new successor product:

TapiRex will be replaced by our new software PhoneMondo


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Contact manager


Last calls
Outlook journal


Notification in your TV

Whenever your telephone rings, TapiRex will look into your contacts to let you know who is calling and show the name, image and any additional info of the caller.

The contacts can be stored in any Database or the program can import the contacts’ information and image from Microsoft Outlook, Skype or the Windows Address Book (WAB).
The name of the caller or the caller-ID can be spoken via Windows speech-output.
If a caller-ID is not in your contacts, the program tries to lookup the name of the caller on the internet.

The easiest configuration for TapiRex: Your PC is connected directly to the phone-line via modem, ISDN or any other TAPI- or CAPI-enabled device (nearly every ISDN adapter, modem or telephone box) or has a locally installed Skype.
TAPI- or CAPI-drivers for your modem/ISDN-card are supplied by the manufacturer of the hardware.

TapiRex can run in a client/server setup if you have connected another PC than your workstation/media center to your phone line because it is in another room or because you have a more complex network.


Only one PC in your local network needs a connection to a phone-line and all other machines in your local network can show incoming calls.

To import, edit and manage your contacts, a very easy-to-use free Contact Manager is included in TapiRex.


The Contact Manager can also import all your existing contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Skype or from the Windows Address Book (WAB).


Your imported contacts can then be transferred to any other computer. You can show incoming calls with name and image of caller that is in your Outlook contacts on any other computer without having Outlook installed (e.g. your Media Center PC in the living room).

If no additional information can be found in your stored contacts, TapiRex can search for information on the internet (currently available for numbers in the USA, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, see add-ons page) or from other data sources.

A history of calls is stored with name, number of caller, called number and duration of the call.


You can start a call from the call details with a single click if TapiRex can find any device to make outgoing calls. This could be a Tapi device, a CAPI device or Skype.

TapiRex can be optionally connected to Microsoft Outlook but Outlook is not a requirement to use TapiRex.


– TapiRex can lookup an Outlook contact and then show the full name and image of the contact on an incoming call
– Create a new contact if no contact was found when a name was found in another data source (i.e. internet)
– If a contact was found, it can be opened directly by TapiRex. So you can start writing call notes directly into the contact.

– Add an Outlook journal entry and link this entry to a contact. The new journal entry can pop up on the call so that you can enter details for that call.

The configuration of all features and add-ons is centralized in an easy settings-dialog.


Incoming calls from Skype are shown by TapiRex: Install the free TapiRex-Skype add-on to show incoming calls with name and image of caller for incoming Skype calls. Start new calls via Skype with a click from TapiRex.

And if you are using Microsoft Windows Media Center, incoming calls will be shown on your TV. See FREE TapiRex Media Center Add-on for details.