Note: The development of TapiRex has ended.
There will be no future updates or new features. Your currently installed TapiRex will continue working.
We recommend to switch over to the new successor product:

TapiRex will be replaced by our new software PhoneMondo

TapiRex SDK

Create add-ons for TapiRex with the Source Development Kit

The Source Development Kit (SDK) allows anybody to develop add-ons for TapiRex. Add-ons are seamlessly be integrated into TapiRex and extend the base functions to TapiRex. The interface between TapiRex and the add-ons is COM (ActiveX). Any programming language that can build COM-DLLs can be used to develop add-ons for TapiRex.

The SDK is FREE and there are no royalty fees for TapiRex add-ons developed using this SDK. So just create your TapiRex add-on and give it to any TapiRex user.

There are different types of add-ons for TapiRex available:

"LookupName add-ons":
These add-ons are asked by TapiRex to lookup a callers name and image from an incoming caller-ID. As example, LookupName add-ons lookup in special database formats or other databases. The included lookup on the Verizon Superpages is an example for such a add-on.

"OnCallEvent add-ons":
These add-ons perform a special action on an incoming call. Any action can be performed such as starting an application when a specific caller-ID calls. The Call-notification for Media Center is an example of such an add-on.

"Connection add-ons":
These add-ons connect TapiRex to another source for incoming calls. The included add-on for Skype is an example for such an add-on. You could easily build an add-on to connect to a special phone box, Asterix, SIP or CAPI.

"TapiRex Applications":
The SDK shows how to develop a complete application that connects to TapiRex Server to get notifications of incoming and outgoing calls and to access the calls since last connection.

"TapiRex API":
The API enables you to use a subset of the TapiRex functions in your own solution. The API is developed as a COM component. It is very easy to integrate it into other software. All notifications for incoming and outgoing calls can be captured through the API and there are other functions available like starting a call.

Add TapiRex add-ons with specific keys in Windows registry. The source script for the setup is included in the SDK. The sample setup uses the free setup-builder InnoSetup from Jordan Russell.

The samples in the SDK are developed in Visual Basic 6 and in C#. They are only for demonstration purposes. Download the TapiRex SDK here:

Application Download Version Date Size Notes
TapiRex SDK Download 1.9 2/14/2013 964 kB The SDK requires that TapiRex is installed.