Note: The development of TapiRex has ended.
There will be no future updates or new features. Your currently installed TapiRex will continue working.
We recommend to switch over to the new successor product:

TapiRex will be replaced by our new software PhoneMondo

TapiRex Change log

Fixes and changes made in the releases


Reverse Lookup Add-on for Switzerland updated on 3/2/2015

– updated due to changes on data provider site

Reverse Lookup add-ons were updated on 1/9/2015

– Dutch reverse lookup add-on was updated to version 1.9.3 due to changes on
– Swedish reverse lookup add-on was updated to version 1.9.5 due to changes on

TapiRex was updated on 10/23/2014 to 1.9.6

– added some more logging to enable better support
– Reverse-Lookup add-ons updated: and

Reverse Lookup add-ons were updated on 6/18/2014

– German reverse lookup add-on was updated to version 1.9.1 due to changes on
– Suisse reverse lookup add-on was updated to version 1.9.2 due to changes on

TapiRex was updated on 4/22/2014 to 1.9.5

– improved search in Outlook contacts
– fixed error message on client crucial disconnect

Reverse Lookup add-on for Denmark was updated on 3/26/2014 to 1.9.1

– update due to changes on

Reverse Lookup add-on for Germany was updated on 2/7/2014 to 1.9.2

– update due to changes on

Reverse Lookup add-on for the Netherlands updated on 1/30/2014 to 1.9.2

– changed the reverse lookup back to as does not work anymore

Reverse Lookup add-on for Germany ( updated on 11/10/2013 to 1.9.1

– changed the reverse lookup due to changes on

TapiRex 1.9.4 released on 10/31/2013

– improved search in Outlook contacts
– all found devices are now enabled for notifications by default. This makes TapiRex easier to install.

Reverse Lookup add-on for the Netherlands updated on 10/31/2013 to 1.9.1

– changed the reverse lookup to use now as does not work anymore

Reverse Lookup add-on for Sweden ( updated on 10/10/2013 to 1.9.4

– fixed reverse lookup issues due to changes

TapiRex 1.9.3 released on 8/28/2013

– installation now also works on machines without internet connection
– fixed ContactManager Import from Outlook 2013
– can now be installed silently with /SILENT command line parameter

Reverse lookup addon for US numbers via released on 8/28/2013

– new addon that replaces the VerizonWeb reverse lookup addon

Reverse Lookup add-on for Sweden ( updated on 8/28/2013 to 1.9.3

– fixed issues with website changes

AVM FritzBox add-on updated on 8/28/2013 to version 1.9.2

– fixed issues with new FritzOS

XBMC notification addon released on 8/13/2013

– new addon that shows callerID notification in XBMC

TapiRex 1.9.2 released on 4/24/2013

– fixed problems with newer versions of Microsoft Outlook

Addon for Charly from Solutio updated on 4/24/2013

– added options dialog to set exchange file for Charly
– added some more logging and error messages if the file could not be written

Reverse Lookup add-on for Sweden ( updated on 4/15/2013

– updated due to changes on data provider site

AVM FritzBox add-on updated on 3/6/2013 to version 1.9.1

– now also works with latest FritzOS 5.5

TapiRex and all Add-Ons updated on 2/14/2013 to version 1.9

– updated all components to new company name

Reverse Lookup Add-on for Switzerland updated on 4/16/2012

– updated due to changes on data provider site

Reverse Lookup Add-on for Italy updated on 4/16/2012

– updated due to changes on data provider site
– now also shows street of caller

Reverse Lookup Add-on for Sweden ( released on 3/5/2012

– updated due to changes on data provider site

Reverse Lookup Add-on for Denmark ( released on 3/5/2012

– updated due to changes on data provider site

Reverse Lookup Add-on for Netherlands ( released on 2/21/2012

– updated due to changes on data provider site

Version 1.8 released on 12/07/2011

– completely overworked TAPI driver connection
– fixed Reverse Lookup issues in all countries
– added number formatting for unkown numbers
– fixed Skype SMS addon
– moved some global settings from HKEY_CURRENT_USER back to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
– contact import of Skype contacts now also imports the user pictures
– removed reverse lookup addons for Norway and in Google contacts
– fixed connection issues with AVM FritzBox

mceTapiRex Version 1.8 released on 12/07/2011

– fixed main menu icon in Media Center


– Updated the C# samples in the SDK to Visual Studio 2010

mceTapiRex Version 1.7.7 released on 3/16/2011

– fixed 64 bit installation

Version 1.7.5 released on 11/25/2010

– moved all settings from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. This enables TapiRex Client to work on Windows Terminal Server
– fixed issues with Reverse Lookup for Swiss
– fixed country display in notification
– fixed picture display with Microsoft Outlook 2010
Skype SMS Addon:
– fixed sending of SMS SDK:

– Updated the C# samples in the SDK to Visual Studio 2008

Version 1.7.3 released on 08/31/2010

– API call GetCallByID returns correct PictureFileName
– fixed klickServer Reverse Lookup
– fixed Reverse Lookup
– fixed Reverse Lookup
– fixed Reverse Lookup
– fixed USA Verizon Reverse Lookup + added street, zip and city information to notification
Add-on “Run Application on call” does not open Windows Explorer anymore if no program was set yet

Version 1.7.2 released on 9/10/2008

– fixed error message after resuming machine from StandBy (“Operation is not allowed when the object is open. #3705”)
– repaired tooltips in call history on Windows Vista
Reverse Lookup Canada
– fixed lookup due to changes in
– changed the logo to their new logo
– fixed number-formatting of callerID  

Version 1.7.1 released on 7/9/2008

– added Swedish translation
– added help for MSN settings
– fixed bug where “1” was used as caller’s name
– “call answered” and “call ended” will now be sent to all connected clients as well
– fixed German reverse lookup with and
– Error messages disappear after 10 seconds automatically to not harm TapiRex normal work on servers
– improved transfer of missed calls to TapiRex clients
– changed call history list design for better overview
– fixed translation of start-wizard’s first page
– call details action buttons only show if applicable
– improved transfer of calls from server to client of calls while client was not connected mceTapiRex 1.7.1
– default skin set to Vista-like “darkblue” skin   Google Contacts reverse lookup add-on
– new add-on from Thomas Ardal (open source add-on available on CodePlex)

Version 1.7 released on 5/22/2008

– picture of caller is sent from server to clients
– fixed start call on TapiRex Server
– updated help files (F1 context help)
– added LogStr() function to TapiRex external API
– shows “(unknown)” in call history if caller-ID or called-ID was empty
– UI improvements on several places (tab order, button sizes, …)
– fixed notification on unknown callers with non-numeric caller-ID
– fixed error “x not element of control array in line 12410”
– some message boxes now contain a “do not ask again” check box to disable these messages in future
– fixed German reverse lookup
– “Set defaults” in contact database settings now also resets the fields to the defaults
– improved transfer of old calls from server to client
– improved logging to always show call-ID in front if applicable
– redesigned search in call history
– improved “reject call” to only show on supported devices and calls
– added detailed MSN handling in TapiRex server Add-on AVM FritzBox 1.7
– completely redeveloped FritzBox add-on
– now shows caller notifications from FritzBox
– added the feature to start calls with the Fritz!Box through TapiRex
– added a configurable timer for automated download of call history every x minutes
– added some more logging
– fixed call history processing for long items (error “item too long”)
– fixed “Clear call history after download”   Add-on CAPI connection 1.7
– added the capi2032.dll as some customers missed this required file   Add-on Skype connection 1.7
– now shows the correct Skype handle of the caller and callee   Reverse Lookup 1.7
– fixed Reverse Lookup with  

Version 1.6 released on 1/18/2008

– tray Icon is shown again after explorer.exe crash
– Added TapiRex API to allow other software tools to use TapiRex’ functionality (see TapiRex SDK)
– added the setting to open the newly created Outlook Journal entry on a call
– added some default settings for Fritz!Box if found on first start
– fixed: error message when leaving the picture field in the database empty
– Outlook contacts are now buffered for much faster display of callers. Refresh of buffer on start and every 24hrs
– added more logging to find out why some modems do not show incoming calls (Add “Debug” = “1” to TapiRex registry to enable)
– improved setup for Vista Add-on Reverse Lookup Denmark 1.6
– fixed due to changes in   Add-on RunApplication 1.6
– new add-on to run any application on a call

Version 1.5.1 (unreleased)

– fixed: “Index out of bounds on line 15050” on TapiRex server
– Added the ability to chose the contact’s folder from Outlook that will be used for lookup (i.e. for Exchange contacts folder)
– Imports contacts from any Outlook folder (and not the standard contacts folder)
– corrected handling if Tapi driver submits a space instead of empty caller-ID
– can use an Access query (view) as contacts source Add-on Reverse Lookup Denmark 1.5.2 released on 8/24/2007
– fixed due to changes in   Add-on AVM FritzBox Call history 1.5.2 released on 8/24/2007
– calls are not added multiple times to the call history on start   mceTapiRex 1.5.1 released on 6/19/2007
– fixed notification in MCE 2005
– fixed issue with notification stops after 3-4 notifications on Windows Vista
– added text for “cm:mcestillrunning” in setup when MCE was still running when starting setup
– fixed error message when setting options for add-ons in TapiRex  

Version 1.5 released on 6/7/2007

– trial version now runs for the full 30 days again
– Contact Manager does not rely on database field “ContactGUID” anymore
– fixed issues on Vista 64bit
– extra data is now correctly shown on TapiRex clients
– the field “Primary key” in contact’s table in the database can now also be a numeric value
– fixed issue where TapiRex opens the website when choosing a country for reverse lookup
– new file “user.bmp” in TapiRex directory which will be shown as user’s image on call details window
– wizard starts with correct choice of server-mode if previous installation set as server
– fixed “Array Index out of bounds” in TapiRex Server
– UI overwork to fit better into Windows Vista mceTapiRex 1.5
– all icons are now installed correct on Vista 64bit
– new file “user.bmp” in TapiRex dir which will be shown as user’s image on call details’ window
– all menu items will be added correctly to Media Center on Vista 64bit   TRexFritzBox
– new add-on for AVM FritzBox call history (see add-ons page)   TRexSkypeSMS
– new add-on which sends an SMS to a given number on an incoming call (filtered/specific callers, only contacts, all callers) (see add-ons page)  

Version 1.4.2 released on 2/24/2007

– fixed problem with expired license after only a few starts
– client now correctly reconnects when there is a “timeout” from the server
– fixed positions of action-links in notifications window
– fixed links in setup wizard

Version 1.4.1 released on 2/1/2007

– Tapirex and Wizard are started non-elevated on vista at end of installation
– fixed translation problems with quotation marks in strings
– wizard fixed setting local modem connection mceTapiRex 1.4.1
– fixed “Unable to load” message on Media Center start
– MCE is started non-elevated on vista at end of installation  

Version 1.4 released on 1/29/2007

– added installation wizard that starts at the end of the setup and helps setting up TapiRex very easily
– TapiRex Server sends license key to the clients on connect. So you only need to enter your registration on the server once.
– Corrected display of CallDuration in call history
– added “Start call” to the tray icon context menu
– improved sending of missed calls from server to client on reconnection
– better compatibility to Windows Vista (final)
– fixed “max number of clients reached” messages in Client/Server when Client reconnects after connection loss
– fixed connection problems when calls were submitted to client on connect
– call-notification-window is now resizeable: it shows larger fonts when you make the window larger to make the notification readable from longer distance.
– Added new event to the Addon-Interface: CallAnswered
– clients have to have the same TapiRex version as the server when connecting to avoid incompatibilities  
– fixed reverse lookup with and
– added the city in Netherlands lookup over  

Version 1.3 released on 9/19/2006

– added compatibility to Windows Vista (beta)
– all setup executables are now digitally signed
– initiate outgoing calls from the call details (callback) or the main menu. Calls can be initiated on the TapiRex server from TapiRex or via SkypeOut.
– extra data for calls is also transferred from TapiRex server to the connected clients
– when client connects, the reverse lookup is not done for each old call to prevent hangs on the client
– improved contact lookup in Outlook and database
– fixed problem with Outlook 2002 (hang on start of TapiRex)
– call history is correctly sorted as before on next load
– double-clicks on invalid rows in call history are handled correctly
– improved stability and speed of call history
– added Norwegian translation (thanks to Øystein Jakobsen)
– if caller-ID contains country code and no contact can be found in set data source and reverse-lookup add-on, the reverse-lookup add-on(s) with the corresponding country-code will be queried until a contact was found
– call history now shows detailed tooltip for each row including image of caller (if exists) and extra information
– connection to Skype now uses Skype4COM library from Skype S.A. (faster, more reliable, …)
– reverse lookup add-on format the caller-ID to the country-specific format (i.e. “(###) ###-####” in USA)
– added compatibility with Windows Vista Speech output add-on 1.3
– user can set the text to speak (including placeholders for caller-information)   mceTapiRex 1.3
– added compatibility to Windows Vista (beta)
– shows caller’s images on windows media center extenders (Xbox 360, …)
– call history fixed on extenders
– if multiple extenders are connected, the caller-ID notification is shown on all of them
– “Pause media” is not enabled by default anymore
– added Authenticode signature to setup executables (nicer prompt on installation)
– added compatibility with Windows Vista
– added new skin “darkblue” which integrates seamlessly into Windows Vista UI   Reverse Lookup 1.3
– fixed reverse lookup with   Reverse Lookup Sweden 1.3
– added handling for multiple search results for incoming caller-IDs   Reverse Lookup Switzerland 1.3
– needed update as changed their website   Reverse Lookup for Sweden 1.2.1 released on 06/29/2006
– reverse lookup for Sweden was fixed after a change of   mceTapiRex 1.2.1 released on 06/04/2006
– the call history is correctly shown in MCE again

Version 1.2 released on 05/16/2006

– new setting for Tapi device “Handle as DataModem”: some modems needed this setting to show correct caller-ID
– fixed restore of placement of forms after restart
– tray icon will stay visible in Windows XP
– size of database fields is respected. Longer texts are cut off at the end to fit database field length.
– Added more logging information
– client reconnects to TapiRex Server again after connection was lost because unknown problems
– monitor up to 20 Tapi lines at once (available for testing in trial, needs at least license “Client/Server incl. 10 clients”)
– Outlook journal now has name, number and extra infos as Journal entry’s body text and shows extra info in item’s title
– added French translation
– added the ability to filter calls in the call history window
– Call history: grouping calls by “Date/Time” now groups by day to really get an overview of calls per day
– Call history: calls from today have a slightly other background to see very fast which calls are from today
– click in notification window on unknown caller data will open Contact Manager to add caller as new contact (database as data source)
new add-on: Reverse lookup for Canada (using mceTapiRex 1.1.3 released on 2/11/2006
– the options of mceTapiRex can be opened from Tapirex main window again   Version 1.1.2 released on 02/07/2006
– new properties available for add-ons: OriginalCallerID and OriginalCalledID. These are the unchanged IDs as they came from the driver/plugin
– improved TAPI communication
– added Spanish translation (thanks to Jorge Luis Prado López)
– added Dutch translation (thanks to Bjarne Riis)
– reverse lookup will be skipped on Caller-IDs that are shorter than 5 digits
– call-notificaton will not get the focus on show (SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE). Keyboard input is still executed in current focused window
– fixed minor translation-issues
– database field names are now correctly translated in ContactManager
– callerIDs are shown unchanged if not found in a contact
– text-Messages from YAC-Server are shown correctly
– tooltip of Trayicon shows last recognized call with CallerID/Name of caller
– if database is source of contacts, contact’s details can be opened from call-notification by clicking the labels or the picture of caller
– notification-window saves position and restores it on the next call
– if TAPI driver submits a name in OnCallerID, it will only be shown if no name for call present (i.e. Zoom V.92 PCI Voice Faxmodem);
– reconnects to Outlook if Outlook was closed while program is running
– fixed error “Run-time error ‘380’ Invalid propery” when opening call history again when it’s minimized
– fixed handling of impossible connection to TapiRex Server on start
– if caller’s name was found on or, notification-window will show the logo of the site
– Reverse lookup add-on for now also shows street and city of caller (if available)
– added logo of datasource to some reverse lookup add-ons if caller-ID was found to identify the source  

New add-ons:

– Reverse lookup for Denmark (using
– Reverse lookup for Switzerland (using
– Reverse lookup for Germany (using

mceTapiRex Version 1.1.2

– also shows incoming calls on Media Center Extenders (like XBox360)
– added new option to pause current media on incoming call. Now you don’t even need to pause current media before you pick up a call: never miss a second of your favourite tv show again…

mceTapiRex Version 1.1.1

– fixed CallerID notification in MCE 2005 with installed RollUp2
– blocks access from Media Center Extenders because this feature is not available yet

Version 1.1 released on 11/18/2005

– settings are not resetted on expired licence keys or start of second instance of TapiRex
– with a single-machine license, the log-window is shown correctly
– ContactManager “Error 5” on new contact fixed
– names and additional info with “&” now corectly displays an incoming call
– fixed problems with reconnection to TapiRex Server on previous unsuccessfull connection attempts
– length of name, firstname and company changed to 100 characters maximum
– fixed problems with contacts stored in Microsoft® SQL Server
– you can enter multiple MSNs you want to be notified on a call (just seperate by “;”)
– only start listening on start of program when setting “start connected” is set
– database of contacts is opened when a number is looked up and then closed again
– fixed lost settings on restart
– new setting: “hide on start” which hides the main form on windows start
– extened Tapi log messages in protocol.txt (written when “Write Log” enabled)
– added the ability to hang up a call directly from the notification window (if supported by device)
– columns widths of call history list are left untouched on incoming call while call history is visible
– set standard sound to ring.wav
– added information button to add-on lists to show some info the add-on provides (blue (i))
– user can set captions for database fields (eg “Number 1” can be named “Tel. home” or anything else)
– added import of contacts from Skype® and Windows Address Book (WAB) in Contact Manager
– notification-window does not get focus
– double-click on the name, caller-ID or extra info in the notification-window will copy the value into the clipboard TapiRex Add-ons
– added a TapiRex add-on for CAPI drivers (use this if Tapi drivers cause problems on ISDN adapters)  


– fixed: “addin is unloaded after 10 minutes MCE is idle”
– MCE Internal telephony setting is reset on TapiRex end to the value is had on TapiRex start
– fixed error if telephony is not available in MCE
– only refreshes welcome page every 30 seconds when add-on is in MCE foreground
– updated the icon to fit better in MCE UI


Interfaces not compatible to V1.0! please recompile your add-on after updating references to new dlls
– fixed error messages on installation of the SDK
– added some extra parameters to some functions
– notification add-ons are loaded on start and will be kept loaded instead of loading them on a call
– added the ability to add your own functions to the call notification window
– notification add-ons can permit users to change database settings in TapiRex or to use the ContactManager to edit contacts

mceTapiRex released on 09/07/2005

– Options for the add-on can now be accessed from TapiRex

Version 1.0 released on 08/06/2005

– shows the “new contact” button correct
– fixed the Tab-sequence-order for all forms
– if no devices found, “edit device” button is not enabled anymore
– extened logging functions
– does not allow to monitor more than 5 lines at once
– header-widths in call history are resored correctly on next open
– Fixed: after reconnection to TapiRex Server, the missed calls are always at 0 o’clock
– new contacts in database for unknown callers and called contacts can now directly be created from the call details window
– number of call can be changed by double-clicking it in the call details’ window
– fixed adding Journal-entries to Outlook(R)’s Journal
– fixed lookup of contacts in Outlook 2000 (thanks to R. Leppin)
– Fields not set in data-connection for contacts are not shown in ContactManager
– no error is raised if a database field is not set for the contact’s connection
– improved translation
– added english online help
– added a hint on first hide of main window that the program is not closed, only hidden
– if no name and no callerID is available, the device name will be used as caller’s name to identify the call YAC Listener Add-on
– added the ability to change the name of the device which is then shown as “Incoming call from <devicename>” in the notifications’ window   mceTapiRex
– added the ability to enable/disable the MCE callerID support. Disabling the MCE-internal routines allow TapiRex to take the calls rather then MCE   mceTapiRex Beta 12 released on 6/27/2005
– fixed Call-notification in MCE
– if installed via download from TapiRex-setup, it will not start automatically and open webpage   Version BETA 11 released on 6/20/2005
– resets any trial period of previous beta: you have a new 30 days to test this program
– added a new setting “Start connected” which automatically starts to listen and/or connects to server on start
– improved lookup of short numbers (< 6 digits)
– “Test” of database-connection now really makes a test-query on all fields
– new option “Ignore Outlook” in the main windows’ menu. If you do not want the program to look for Outlook and use it as a source, check this setting.
– new feature/setting: “Add journal entry” to Outlook’s journal on incoming call
– new feature/setting: opens Outlook’s contact on incoming call (if found in Outlook’s contacts)
– open Outlook’s contact from call details window by a click on the name, number or image of caller/callee
– new feature: “Create new Outlook contact for unknown caller” with condition “only if a name is available” + “and open it”: if a number or name for a caller is available, it is automatically added to Outlook’s contacts (if setting enabled) or is created and then opened so that you can decide if you would like to save it or not
– reconnect-timer on server-loss now continues to try to reconnect
– fixed problems with opening notification add-on options
– double-click on a log-line to display the full message
– added more debug-information to the protocol.log (if “Write Log” is enabled)
– dates are transferred packed from TapiRex server to client: different languages or date formats on client and server do not matter anymore
– no “modal windows” break the display of incoming calls anymore (error: “window can not be displayed while modal window is open”)
– setup now downloads add-ons selected by the user instead of installing all add-ons (decreased setup size, individual for user’s needs)
– when transferring many missed calls in TapiRex client reconnect, it will not timeout anymore   mceTapiRex
– complete rewrite of the MCE UI part
– does not use PHP anymore (no TCP port needed, much faster, smaller setup…)
– new “delete” button in calls’ details: completely deletes call from the call history
– added the skin “blue” as mce-look
– now shows name of the caller submitted by TapiRex Server
– fonts are scaled correctly even under “large fonts” set in windows settings
– also works in MCE 2005 Update (released autumn 2005)
– call history is also available on Media Center Extenders (incoming call is not yet shown on extender….)   Add-ons
– seperated add-ons from the main setup: Add-ons are now available from the add-ons list
– added a speech add-onto website for free download: let the computer announce incoming calls!

Version BETA 10

– also waits 10 seconds after wake up from StandBy before connecting to TapiRex Server to give network a chance to init
– YAC(R) Listener can be switched to UDP Port instead of TCP
– setings are stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER (all users have the same settings)
– added reverse lookup for Sweden (over
– full support for add-ons created with the TapiRex SDK
– Skype will be only available as connection, if Skype is installed mceTapiRex
– now shows correct “No calls found” when no calls are in the list  

Version 1.0.0 BETA 9 released on 4/1/2005

– Added new setting “get CallerID in ‘OnCallerID'”. Some Tapi drivers do not send the CallerID on the first signal, but in OnCallerID. If you experience problems getting the CallerID, please check this option.
– fixed bug where incoming call showed an “Outgoing call”
– fixed “Error 6: Overflow” on incoming call
– Added a pause of 10 seconds on reboot to give network adaptors and Outlook(R) time to initialize
– removed question to really disable TapiRex on TapiRex Server’s reboot/shutdown
– TapiRex Clients only get CallerID information after correct call of “listen”-function
– added check of data-version to prevent use of incompatible data.mdb from previous version
– MCE popups in correct language
– reordered the tab-indexes for correct Tab-navigation
– TapiRex Server now sends name of caller to the TapiRex clients too (needed in PocketPC client)
– if calls from YAC(R) have a name, this is displayed too
– now compatible with Skype 1.2
– calls from one Tapi device to another (internal calls) are now shown correctly mceTapiRex
– setup disables MCE built-in caller-ID notfication to avoid conflicts
– current focus does not jump to (invisible) mouse position
– fixed DrawFocus() error in about-screen  

Version 1.0.0 BETA 8 released on 3/27/2005

– improved speed of contact-lookup in Outlook
– added support for Skype
– added a call details windows from call history window with possibility to re-lookup caller’s name and called name based on current TapiRex settings
– calls are transferred to client on connection to TapiRex server (i.e. client or MCE machine was in standby while server received incoming calls)
– Removed TapiRex Server and added the functionality to TapiRex Client, which can now be Server as well
– keeps up mceProcessor alive when doing nothing in MCE while watching call history
– fixed import from Outlook
– fixed link to Outlook-contact in call-notification-window
– fixed lookup of caller in clients
– limited the # of Tapi drivers to montitor down to 5 (license issues, i have to pay more to 3rd party for component to watch more Tapi lines)
– added an interface for notification add-ons. SDK for add-ons is available on request.

Version 1.0.0 BETA 7 released on 2/6/2005

– fixed “error 429” when importing contacts from outlook into the ContactManager
– in YAC-listener-mode, all calls will be shown correctly
– plays sound on incoming call when datamode is “database”
– fixed crash on call with Outlook 2002 as datasource
– now pops up short messages from YAC(R)-server
– mceTapiRex: if there are less than 5 calls, “item is null” bug fixed

Version 1.0.0 BETA 6 released on 2/5/2005

– can now be YAC-Listener to get incoming calls from YAC-Server
– fixed broken connection if client goes to standby and wakes up again
– added ContactManager to manage contacts in database (and import from Outlook)
– shows name of client-computer in list of clients
– improved design of main windows (wizard-images)
– MCE-addon: fixed “DrawFocus()”-error when scrolling over the end of the call history (thanks to F. Slongo)
– MCE-addon: replaced cbServer.exe by much faster and self-unloading (after 2 minutes of inactivity) mcePHPPRocessor.exe
– many more minor or major improvements, bugfixes,…

Version 1.0.0 BETA 5 released on 1/18/2005

– fixed caller-popup in MCE-addon on non-german Windows

Version 1.0.0 BETA 4 released on 1/3/2005

– first public version
– does not try to connect to klickServer in non-german installation
– multiple reconnections to TapiRex Server fixed
– can show images replaced by a .lnk by MAPILab(R) Outlook Attachment Processor
– new input-field “prepend to phone number”
– can open the langdata.mdb even if read-only